Have the peace of mind of having your beloved pet (dog/cat) under the watchful eye of a veterinarian and trained veterinary staff.

Your pet will be supervised and cared for with Love. We specialize in caring for those with special needs (honestly what pet isn’t special though 🙂

Including, but not limited to: particular diets, allergies, medications (eg. thyroid, insulin, etc) behavior issues, and any other medical needs  (eg. Fluid therapy, physiotherapy)

We have specially designed large kennels for individual boarding and includes multiple walks per day.


Our separate cat facility is a calm quiet environment far from any dog chatter.

Our facilities use patented pheromone technology to put your pet at ease. Essentially, the smell mothers give off at birth calm infants; veterinarians have harnessed these unique cat & dog pheromones  (smells) to cause your pet to have the feeling of comfort and security. Vastly different from the anxiety-infused air of a traditional facility. Oh, and people can’t smell them 🙂

More information on pet pheromones. We can order information home use also.




Dog: $25/day

Cat: $20/day


*prices vary depending on:

If we have to supply food, medication, vaccines, etc. We can discuss this with you. We’d be happy to provide our medical grade (highest quality food) at a nominal cost (the cost the company charges us). It is important to minimize diet changes so if they have a particular diet please bring it or discuss with us.


** for long stays and multiple pets, prices can also be adjusted. We are reasonable people, just give us a call 604-676-0047